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Originally Posted by Storm View Post
Wait... I thought a Vee was four people... ?
No, four people in relationship is commonly known as a Quad.

A Vee is where three people are in relationship, but two of them are not involved with each other. The person involved with both of them is often called the hinge (sometimes the pivot or anchor). For example, you might see a reference made to a "MFM Vee," which means there are two men involved with a woman, but the two men might be straight and not involved with each other (the center initial stands for the hinge person - I assume in your case it would be FFF). Vees can live together, and sometimes they evolve into Triads. But it's more common, much much more common, for a Triad to morph into a Vee. Triads don't have much of a success record, at least not for staying a Triad.

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