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Lightbulb How delightful

This is awesome.

There I was, two days ago, minding my own business working on my laptop in front of the TV and a programme about sex & intimate relationships started.

I'm paying no particular attention, until it dawns on me that (for the first time ever) a presenter is talking about my kind of romantic relashionship. So I start paying attention.

And there's a word for it ! Polyamory. I have a word for what is natural for me.... how cool is that.

I've just come from wikipedia to here.... and there's loads of us!

Apparently, there's also a 'closet' that some of us are 'out' of and some of us aren't? I didn't know there was a closet.

This is VERY cool. For the 1st time in my life I'll be able to have a conversation with people about multiple 'in-love' connections without having to constantly remind and correct that it's not fundamentally 'recreational' or 'casual', why the self-imposed limitations of monogamy make little emotional sense to me, and never have... and know they'll 'get' it... and why I don't have to choose betweem being monogamus or being promiscuous.

Today is a blissful day... so that's what I've chosen as my forum name - bliss.

Hi Everyone..... are you a sight for sore eyes !!!
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