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Originally Posted by vanille View Post
Try sitting at dinner with a group of engineers from a well respected business and after they all explained what they do, turn their eyes on you and ask what it is you do and have to answer that you are in school for court reporting.
Oh yeah, I'd like to see those engineers bang out cohesive sentences on your stenotype machine at 225 wpm, take dictation at 250 wpm, and transcribe a conversation at nearly 100% accuracy like court reporters can - ha!

Being an engineer is no more lofty than being a porter. Nothing against your hubby, but our careers are not who we are. It's not what people do that makes them better or worse company, it's how they embrace life and treat the people around them. I've known engineers and if I feel "less than" around them, it's either because of my own insecurities, or they are not including me in a welcoming way.

Hold your head high. You are a lovely woman learning a highly valued skill. And married to a man who loves you.
The world opens up... when you do.

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