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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
This is assuming that all guys (especially engineers, no offense! ) are capable of talking about this kind of thing. I know my bf loves me deeply, and I know that I'm smart, hot, funny, etc, but I tried to ask him (and he's usually quite articulate!) why he loved me once and his response was basically "Y'know, for your... you-ness." It was somewhat disappointing.
I actually find that a really sweet answer. Totally what I want to be loved for. But I get your point that if one looks for a long list or attributes from hot to intelligent, it's not really delivered.

I do think the lack of self-confidence is the source of insecurity for you, vanille. I don't think there is much that reassurance from your partner, or others (although I totally agree with Derby that you're attractive) can do to change that. You'll have to work on that yourself. Also, I doubt changes in weight or appearance are going to change your feelings about yourself, you're going to have to make yourself believe you are good and lovable as you are. You might find this Veaux's article helpful.
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