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Originally Posted by vanille View Post
The (better) was not meant to be so literal. It's just what I would be thinking in my head, whether it's true or not.

Plus looks aside. It doesn't help that Armani is an engineer and this training session is with engineers from all over the world. The very fact that this woman is in this training session speaks to her intelligence.

You are right, I really should not be so hard on myself. But at the moment, I am in school for court reporting. My husband is an extremely smart engineer. You can see how this could cause a little anxiety on my part? Try sitting at dinner with a group of engineers from a well respected business and after they all explained what they do, turn their eyes on you and ask what it is you do and have to answer that you are in school for court reporting.
And i knew it was in your head, thats my concern, every one brings something different to the table, the couple i date he is an engineer and she is a stay at home mom, and doing bookeeping. But she is unique and brings that forward. Simply ask your husband "why do you love me" and i think you will be amazed what he says. And yes of course he will be attracted to someone different from you. Thats one of the whole points to this. Would this other person be better, not really but different.
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