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Originally Posted by vanille View Post
The (better) was not meant to be so literal. It's just what I would be thinking in my head, whether it's true or not.

Plus looks aside. It doesn't help that Armani is an engineer and this training session is with engineers from all over the world. The very fact that this woman is in this training session speaks to her intelligence.

You are right, I really should not be so hard on myself. But at the moment, I am in school for court reporting. My husband is an extremely smart engineer. You can see how this could cause a little anxiety on my part? Try sitting at dinner with a group of engineers from a well respected business and after they all explained what they do, turn their eyes on you and ask what it is you do and have to answer that you are in school for court reporting.
I know exactly how you feel. Engineers and scientists can be intimidating. I sometimes get the feeling they're looking down on me, and I have a PhD!

Maybe you should think of it this way: theirs is one kind of knowledge, one way of thinking about the world and solving problems. Granted, it's a danged impressive and versatile set of tools, but it is not the only one available.

Just from your life experience, as well as from your current training, you know things they don't, and can do things they can't. You are preparing to make your own contribution to the institutions of a free republic. What could be better or more noble than that?

I sometimes have to remind myself of this, when I become too impressed by my own credentials: everyone on earth knows at least one thing I will never know.

So, don't compare yourself unfavorably to engineers and other highly trained types. Stand on the dignity of who you are and what you can do. If they are unimpressed, that's their failing, not yours.
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