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Originally Posted by vanille View Post
I'm glad he responded. It was a nice exercise - reading each other's thoughts instead of fumbling over the words.

I think I will take some of your advice and try some new things. A little risk is probably good for character. We have been together so long, that the chance of this permanently decimating our relationship is slim to none. I might be meeting her tonight in a group setting.

As for him dating or fucking.... I think a prostitute might be a good step. I also think I will be able to better handle him dating when we are back home. Because back there, I can go to a club or meet a guy for a date on the same night as his date and take my mind off of things. Being in a foreign country, the thought of sitting alone in a hotel room while my husband is off having fun with another (better) woman - is a nightmare. Even if I went out ... it wouldn't be the same as if I was in my own country. I feel a little vulnerable and ignorant out here.

Ok the problem I have here is the term 'better'. How do you know she is a better woman , you have admitted that you don't know her. Remember we all think the grass is greener till we get there . Your issues seems to be in your insecurity about yourself. She may not be better at all. Just from the chats you have out on this forum you sound pretty good yourself.
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