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I'm glad he responded. It was a nice exercise - reading each other's thoughts instead of fumbling over the words.

I think I will take some of your advice and try some new things. A little risk is probably good for character. We have been together so long, that the chance of this permanently decimating our relationship is slim to none. I might be meeting her tonight in a group setting.

As for him dating or fucking.... I think a prostitute might be a good step. I also think I will be able to better handle him dating when we are back home. Because back there, I can go to a club or meet a guy for a date on the same night as his date and take my mind off of things. Being in a foreign country, the thought of sitting alone in a hotel room while my husband is off having fun with another (better) woman - is a nightmare. Even if I went out ... it wouldn't be the same as if I was in my own country. I feel a little vulnerable and ignorant out here.
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