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I'm not too keen on the assumption that poly is about group sex but I am going to ignore that part and answer anyway. For the record it both is and isn't... complicated and worth researching further... For me some of my group sex was casual, not what I describe as poly and more about swinging or part of having an open relationship. Try searching in the tags for "casual sex," "sex," and anything else that might relate... or start another thread on this.

1. Male/Female/Intersex-female
2. Have you ever been involved in group sex?-yes
3. How many people did you engage in group sex with? (Ex: 3,4,5...)-up to I dunno, 8-10? Don't know how many were there.
4. Did you participate in the act of sex or did you watch?-both
5. How many times have you participated in group sex?-upward of 5? Don't remember
6. Do you prefer 2 women or 2 men?-whatever, a body is a body... makes no difference to me
7. What is your sexual orientation? (Straight/Gay/etc.)-pansexual
8. Are you in a relationship? (Married/BF,GF)married,bf's and gf
9. Does this hurt your relationship?-It hurt me in many aspects and ended some of my relationships (long stories there)... some of it was sport sex, and no, none of that hurt my relationship at the time.
10. Is this what you prefer or are you making a sacrifice for you partner?-I didn't do it for anyone else but me and the people I was with... its debatable whether or not I did it for the people involved. Likely I did sometimes.
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