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annabelmore im glad that post came in useful and helpful for others as well!

storm and rain it is most definitely interesting journey and being the third to a lesbian couple reading this reminds me some of my situation because i know that my girls at some point had the same thoughts. while ideally it would be great to find someone to love equally right off it hard to say its completely possible because there is always going to be a stronger bond with one than the other but i htink over time that bond can level out for both. do i love my girls, absolutely and would do anything for them. i do not i love one less than the other but my dynamic with each of them is different so our relationships are on different levels.
i love them both most for their differences.

im an optimist (its one of my more obnoxious qualities since one of my girls is a massive pessimist) and i think that over time (and with the work) a triad set on equal grounds can lead to a third loving both partners equally.

good luck with everything
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