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Default Greetings from BC Interior

Hi All:

Thers been alot of discussion on poly relationships recently here on the news. Due to religious polygamy. I know thats something diffrent than what this board and its members are about.

Did get me looking into the polyamory lifestyle which lead me here. Cant belive its technically illegal for people to live in a poly relationship. Not the only immature and out dated thinking governments try to impose.

Im awrae its not just sex that people are talking about in a poly relationship as well. My GF is Bi and we have talked about another for a sexual experince. Doesnt feel right although sexually i do find it interesting.

Ive had enough partners, flings, one nighters to last me a life time. I do miss the suspense and the newness of others. I dont miss the head games and soul sucking feelings. But even though I am monogomous and faithful I do desire something more. So does my partner.

It's part of who she is to want to be with another woman. I get it. Maybe this is a lifestyle we should explore.
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