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I have looked through the threads, and have not been able to find this particular question asked, so I am sorry if it is a re-post.

How does everyone feel about it if one partner speaks to the other about you, for advice or as emotional preparation to talking to you?
Is it O.K. to discuss partner A with partner B if there is trouble on the water?

My wife and I are poly, and we have hit a rough spot. We are just fine, and we know it, we are just working out the kinks, but there can be a lot of emotion involved. Someone else I am casually dating told me that I can always come to them if I need someone to talk to, and I responded that I didn't know if that would be appropriate. She doesn't understand why I won't talk to her about what is going on in my marriage, and I am a bit confused about what would be 'best' in this situation. I would not be saying anything to my GF that I have not / will not in the future say my wife, but I am afraid that by venting my emotions I may cast my wife in a bad light to my GF. On the other hand, I am making my GF feel like I cannot open up to her by keeping it private. HELP!

I was hoping that someone here has had some direct experience and could let me know what has worked for them.
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