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Default Life is a Funny Thing

So after our "you ask for sex to much" talk, the next night / morning we had sex 3 times, all at his initiation. We also decided to try dom.sub for awhile. Its a role we both feel comfortable in, him my dom.

I am a little scared and worried and upset and I dont know why. I need a little cuddle time and F keeps putting me off, yesterday to setup his room, today to play a video game.

Its not him and T because they spent awhile together today and it didnt make me feel any worse. I kinda just want to cry, Maybe Im hitting depression again, but why I have no idea. I have every reason to be happy right now.

If John were here, he would hold me and everything would be better, maybe Im just missing him more, since weve had a lot of tension between us.

I need to pour my heart out but I dont even know who is best to do that with or where to begin
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