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DADT are difficult exactly because intimacy is so firmly founded on trust, sharing and openness. When parts are closed off because of a DADT agreement, it makes having the depth of intimacy and connection necessary for deep relationships more challenging (not impossible).

There are enough people walking around with limited capacities for trust, sharing and openness who - despite this - manage to have long standing relationships, to make me believe that it is not impossible but simply increasesthe challenge of getting to that place of genuine connection.

My experience with DADT is typical (perhaps stereotypical)... the woman was actually cheating and when the shit hit the fan, it was impossible not to get shit on my face, shoes and pants. As a result, I approach DADT with extreme caution and have turned down the subsequent opportunities for such a connection.

I haven't ruled it out. I just don't see it as very likely and wouldn't be my preference.
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