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talked to bg a little when i got out of class, i told her i almost msg's back and said never mind and the only reason i didnt is because i needed to talk to my best friend not my gf,wife or whatever. it was a good talk and thekind that i missed having with her. the reason i talked to her is because she has this amazing ability to not take sides on stuff like this whan its needed and she understands and see's both sides of it, listen, and be honest no matter what.

she told me a couple things i didnt realise i do when it comes to certain situations like shutting down or disappearing for a day or two (distance makes it easy and my last relationship also has a hand in why i do that but thats a whole other story). i messaged b and asked her to talk when she is ready and that i wont push it or force her too but when she is ready i will be, whats most important is that i dont start feeling attacked (or have the thought cause then it gets stuck) becasue then i get defensive and i dont have a reason to be.

so now im waiting to see, she actually just msg'd me back while im writing this but honestly im kinda scared to read it... if she does decide she wants to talk i cant be anything but honest with her thats all ive ever been becasue it matters to me and its important

maybe one of these days i will show them these post, they know the boards are here i showed them but im the only one who really gets on here.
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