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I agree with nycindie, but I`ll be a little bit more blunt.

Why not compromise and he can fuck a clean, professional prostitute ?
I see no shame in that at all.

- Then, you (Armani) don`t risk yourself professionally.
- You can unleash some pent up libido.
- You can evaluate the experiment afterwards. Was it satisfying ? Did it leave you wanting more ? Did it leave you feeling empty ? etc, etc.
- How did vanille feel ? Did she handle any anxiety well ? What were the ways she found to cope in a healthy manner ?

I think this is a excellent stepping stone, and a great option to experiment. It can also help vanille with a way of seeing how she feels when things really happen.

If you do go this route, then make sure vanille gets a chance to do something fun while you are off doing that. Maybe she can take in a show, or go somewhere interesting too.
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