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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I can be a sub through and through with a partner, but that doesn't mean that they will be topping me in anyway other than sexually, and I haven't experienced it outside of the bedroom. So I didn't automatically assume that sexually submissive means relationally submissive from what ChloeJane said.
If you're only a sub in a sexual context, you're technically a bottom. If someone is only a Dom in a sexual context, they are technically not Masters/Doms, or Mistresses/Dommes, but Tops.

Since CJ is calling the shots as far as not just the sex, but also the messaging allowed between her h and their gf, she is Domming outside the bedroom/dungeon context. Her h might not be her sub fulltime, he might be. He seems to be a bratty sub though, that's for sure! I think he needs a good flogging or other kind of punishment, besides scolding, myself. It sounds to me like they could use a good read, or support group, about the intricacies of D/s dynamics.

I am not a lifestyle D/s player, I'm merely a horny Switch, but my gf has had years of experience in lifestyle D/s and I am sure she'd agree to my assessment. At least with the info we have so far...
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