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I began with 1st edition D&D back in the early 1970s, and have played every edition since then, including Castles & Crusades. I still have a long-running 1st/2nd campaign.

Blue Rose is a nice poly-based fantasy rpg that is one of my wife's favorites, although she plays in everything I run.

GURPS, of course.

I'm a big fan of science fiction rpgs, so I play Traveller, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. I have a long-running Star Frontiers campaign that uses the Alternity system. I try to use my house version of Alternity whenever I can get away with it!

As a player, I have enjoyed Marvel Superheroes, BESM, White Wolf, and all kinds of odd systems. In general, I lean more towards role-playing instead of hack & slash, which heavily influences what I play.

I fully confess to being a total Pokemaniac! When my wife & I had a gf back in 1999, her kids got me hooked on Pokemon. I don't play the card game, just the video games. OK, and I collect all the little toys. My kids are now discovering the game for themselves.

I play computer games when I can, but have managed to avoid getting sucked into any online games so far... although I have watched my friends play City of Heroes a few times and it looks interesting... !

So, to anyone in the Missouri or Kansas City areas, please feel free to come over and game with us! Or join our family, whichever you prefer!
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