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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I have imagined from what I've read that there is a kink factor but not necessarily a D/s factor with her or her husband as the overall D (and I could be way off)...
CJ said the gf is a "sub thru and thru," that she, CJ, is "driving the bus" in this, making her the "domme," and has compared her h to a "spoiled child with his hand in the cookie jar." She is also into both of them "spoiling" the gf, who is "boundary-less," as if she is a pet or child.

It sounds like the agreement may have not been as clear as she thought, so they rediscussed it and clarified it. I think you have lots of good insight and advice if she is the Domme, but I think if she isn't and this is just a case of regular old vanilla agreements that it's OK to take time and work things out with her partners without being pushed to change the dynamic before anybody is asking for it or ready for it.
I think my reading comprehension is pretty good, Annie.
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