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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am often the loudest in arguing that poly's main focus is not sex, but I don't see anything wrong with either of you experiencing sex with others first as a way to get comfortable with opening up your relationship. That can be the baby step you need to take. It's all relative. Not that you should use people to experiment with, but if a fling or FWB situation avails itself for one or both of you, and there is interest and a connection, why not?

Everyone is different regarding how they connect with others. Sex can be the first step to developing relationships and deeper intimacy. I have always been someone who usually has sex on the first or second date, and many meaningful relationships have come out of that (I fucked my ex on our first date and we were married five months later). If a difference in libido is a main reason why you are embracing poly, then why not? A fling/FWB often develops into something more, and you can confront your feelings about emotional connections getting into the mix as you move forward.
I don't incline this way myself, but I see the point, especially for two people who are looking for different things from an open relationship.
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