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The biggest thing in the last 5 years with my wife and the last 2 with our added partner is that I have learned that life has truly infinite directions. Being 35 I can remember as a young 20 something that I would never have gone outside the boundaries of a mono relationship. But being in the service and experiencing different cultures changed my views and really molded me into the open minded individual I am now. Coming to terms with realizing that I had romantic and sexual desires for both sexes and finally meeting the woman that made my life complete by bringing me into the fold of a poly life is the accomplishment in my life I am most proud of at this point.

We have this joke between me and my wife because we are huge nerds and Star Trek is a funny dynamic between us (As is Dr who and Sherlock Holmes) is that Vulcans have this belief called the IDIC. Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations.
Me: 35 Male Bi. / A: 25 F, Bi, My wife. / J: 25 F Bi, Romantic partner and lover. / 2 kids one with each / Live happily under one roof.
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