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Originally Posted by CaptZebra View Post
Are these requests reasonable? Do I need to have a good reason as to why I am asking for these things? Is it important that I share my reasons (of course, I will tell her if she asks)?

PS. Out of curiosity, do you think the reason for making a request affects whether or not it is reasonable? Are there some requests that are always reasonable and always unreasonable?
Reasonable for me, sure.
Reasonable for my husband-not so much.
Reasonable for you/her hell if I know.

Yes you need a good reason to make these requests. Every request should have good reason.

Yes you need to share WHY. If you don't share why she is more likely to inadvertently break the HEART of the rule even if she doesn't break the ACTUAL rule and that would make the rule pointless.

The reason certainly affects whether or not it's reasonable. If I request you to crawl every time you enter my house because I'm bored-that's not reasonable. If I ask you to crawl every time you enter my house because it will protect you from certain injury-that is perfectly reasonable.

Your last question I have to think too hard to answer tonight. I need to hit the hay.
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