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I really appreciate the advice and replies from all of you. I notice that this go moved to the New to Poly section. Funny thing is that we are not quite that new, just took a small amount of time off. BUT I think that we have reached a comfortable plateau in this situation by sitting down and actually talking. Like I said we have been on this road before and I think my own insecure moment there was really getting in the way of the fact the we have a very strong bond and commitment to each other. Seeing that we still have this and always will pulled me back into the comfortable sphere of our life.

Bigguy you really had the statement there that pulled me around. I have always felt that life offers us beautiful things to experience and enjoy. The fact that I have been given this knowing that it could end the very next moment makes it that much sweeter. I needed that reminder thank you.

The rest of you thank you again for the replies and the advice. It is nice to know that there is support in this community. I hope my stay here is rewarding!
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