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yes exactly...down to 25 mph - i can blame his work - i don't want to be rational at the moment

i had a lousy day at work, i needed someone to tell me that i'm wonderful and loved - and i didn't get any of that - i get he's putting in like 13 hour days, i really do - and i don't want to seem clingy - but when i ask for time and i get a "maybe" (do to work)

it HURT me - it's hard enough to embarrass myself to ask, but i've learned to ask for what i mean - but He and GF1 went out tonight - apparently it was in the works, i knew about it too and had plannned to go if they did - but nothing at all was said to me -

and i'll see them bright and early tomorrow morning

i think it's time for GF1 and i to have a talk - at least about coordinating plans??? she may be assuming He's keeping me in the loop - and He's not.
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