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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
A "fling" with a woman at work is one thing. Paying for sex is quite another. I can understand his being curious about "partaking" - a quaint little euphemism to hide the true nature of the thing, which is the reduction of sex to an economic transaction - but, if I were in your position, my partner "partaking" in the red-light district would give me the screaming heebie-jeebies.
You know.. it may sound weird... but the prostitute sounds less threatening than the crush. While I am anxious about it, and it does give me reason to fret and worry - it's nothing compared to the crush. And I'm not sure why. We've had discussions about what happens if he sleeps with anyone (prostitute included). There are strict rules that we are going to follow when we are sleeping with other people (condoms, testing, honesty).

You see, my husband is very very sexual. He loves sex and everything about sex. So when the idea of him "purchasing" a sexual experience, to me, makes sense. There are some things I simply am not comfortable doing. I would love for him to experience all of his fantasies. Even if they aren't with me.

I really think we have only this life and nothing beyond it. It makes us realize how short life really is and how important it is to live it to its fullest.

Maybe the difference lies in the fact that with the prostitute, as soon as the door closes and he leaves, it's over. With a crush ... I just feel there is something more.

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