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lol!!! You are cuter than him! (no offense to him, just saying he is lucky! haha) Dont worry about it too much as long as you are continuing healthy habbits.

I agree with what hyper-skeptic said about having many opinions about polyamory-in-theory and poly-in-practice. Every situation is different, since the way poly relationships grow depends on what preferences each person has. Every 'in-practice' experience is a micro-cosm of possibilities.

Also, In my opinion & my experience, you should stretch like a rubber band. !! Good. Keep on your toes! Keep trying to better yourself every day, not just physically, but spiritually, mentally, emotionally (like you said with the self conciousness). I have found that interacting with more people will put you in situations that may not have come up in a 2person relationship. This will test your boundaries & cause you to think! Which turns out to be wonderful. You will look back & say, wow, look at how much better I know myself, look at how much better my partners know me, & I know them inside out...

Anyways, good luck with the strange feelings, it can be weird at first since there are not really many people to talk to about it. Sex & relationships are a taboo thing to talk about in general, & even embarrassing to talk about with family, so if you need a friend to chat let me know
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