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We leave Holland this Saturday for England, where we will be staying with some of my family. I'll feel a lot "safer" I think when we get to England, as the opportunity to go out and date will be eliminated until we go home (a week after that)

He would really like me to meet her. I've been stubborn though. Part of me is scared that he only wants me to meet her, just so that I can be the one to explain our poly relationship. He said she backed off a bit when he said he was married, and he just doesn't know how to go further with her. He also has the added burden of having to be careful ethics wise, because this is another employee. But he also says that she still seems interested, just very hesitant. But I can't imagine sitting with her, being so shallow and petty (me) and hating every minute of a dinner.

I've thought it would be better to date independently, and invite to meet each other when the time is right. I don't like the idea of us appearing as one entity and not two separate people.
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