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Default The one thing that's been really bothering me

I need some feedback on a situation that has been going on with my J-kun and the girl in our class he was casually having relations with. So he has not yet told her that he is not longer interested in her in 'that way' anymore. She's an okay girl, even if she is young and inexperienced. However, J-kun's method for cutting things off with her has been to avoid, give excuses, and all around avoid the issue entirely.

He has mused in the past that he should just tell her he has a girlfriend, but clearly he hasn't done that. He knows that I would be okay with him letting her know he's seeing me in a way now, thus, is no interested in continuing things with her anymore. He hasn't done that either.

Tonight he yet again gave her the "I have homework and am too busy" excuse when she tried to ask to hang out after class tonight (which is pretty much always a ruse to get him into bed). Course, they haven't been having sex since J-kun started seeing me ... so I can imagine she's getting a little frustrated.

It just makes me a little uncomfortable, because it's something I wish that he would resolve. I don't like the way it makes him feel, how he gets when he realizes he will have to brush off her advances when he sees her at's kinda become one of those things that just hasn't gone away.

However, I don't feel like it's my place to say "you have to actually tell her because I think you should". I'm not that kind of person to begin with. It's his thing, even if I know her too, that doesn't mean that I'm the one who should be telling him what to do.

So...anyone have any thoughts?
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