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Thank you. I am already feeling better. I do feel uneasy and vulnerable out here. I'm in Holland, where I can't speak the language (though most can speak English). He is surrounded by people all day, while I spend a lot of the day alone in a hotel room doing school work, until we can meet up after his classes.

I know I'm being petty. This is NRE we are talking about, and I need to constantly remind myself that while NRE is awesome and fun ... what we have is wonderful in its own way - ten years is an accomplishment. It's amazing that we still love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together.

As for the looks .. it's a petty jealousy. I know he loves me for more than what's on the outside. Plus, he goes out of his way to tell me how beautiful I am anyway to him.

I'm being silly.

He is excited about this girl. He's also excited about perhaps visiting the Red Light District once before we leave Amsterdam. Part of me is ready. Part of me isn't. And part of me understands that when we get home, things are going to go back to being hard for him - he has not had any luck in finding anyone interested in him back home. So, while he is patient and wants to go at my pace, I know he's a little extra excited simply because of our location.
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