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I got to spend Tuesday night with J-kun. It was a lot of fun. We spent the night playing video games and watching TV, the perfect night for me, really. Since I talked to him last week about my neurosis I have been feeling a lot better about being able to just talk to him.

Yesterday I got to spend the night with the hubby. Wednesday is my long afternoon, it's nice considering I spend 3/5 nights of the week in Japanese class until late.

And now I'm jumping around. bear with me.

J-kun does martial arts and ripped his uniform last week. I got to fix it for him, as I am a sewing wiz. ^_~ It feels so good to get to do something nice for him with no strings attached. When I returned it to him today he was happy and started to try to think of ways he could repay me. "Did cost you anything?" "I should get you lunch" etc. No no no, hun, you don't get it. I do it because I like you, silly man. The only thing he needs to do to repay me is keep spending time with me and being him.

So there is one thing that is still going on that has been bothering me but I'm going to create a new thread elsewhere about it and ask people to give me feedback on that one, because I need some outside opinion.

Otherwise, things are good. I'm crossing my fingers for a good weekend with easy days at work and long nights with my boys.

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