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Ceoli, thanks for the link. Good read.

RP, I thought after I wrote all that, of course, you and Mono have a similar situation. I mean, you're married and he's monogamous with you. His needs seem to be met so...

As long as you don't have expectations that you receive that title in return and keep yourself from being used or hurt because of it, then why not.
I definitely don't have expectations and he meets so many of my needs. The more I explore what's going on for me, I am realizing that it has absolutely nothing to do with him or the nature of our relationship. Old wounds are resurfacing and bringing a lot of sadness.

Not sure where to put the sadness or what else to do other than just recognize it's there. I need to reread that thread that River posted.

...I feel like Dora Carrington and her love for Lytton Strachey. Carrington, very good movie.
My heart is too big to fit into one person.

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