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Originally Posted by mcmctalk View Post
Totally sounds childish and ridiculous. These are instance where I just wish we could go back to being monogamous, where we can enjoy activity together as a couple, not fighting over finite amount of time / attention available.
These two are not your only choices. Actually they are a bit unrealistic choices. Though obviously you have the right to feel that way. But she already spent time with him when you were monogamous, and, well, you weren't really monogamous in the end because she was cheating on you. Anyway, my point is really that you don't need to feel like suddenly there is a very finite amount of time, whereas there used to be an abundance. If you're really getting A LOT less time, then she should slow down. She needs to put effort into your relatioship as well, not only theirs, if she wants it to survive the transition.
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