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Hey all I am extremely new here but I have already learned so much from you all and it has been a saving grace for me so to speak.

I am involved in a triad with my husband and another woman. And i enjoy every moment of it. My biggest issue is how are some of the ways that others have dealt with the insecure feelings? Here is some back story.(really quick )

About a month or so ago we had a meet this woman as just to have a threesome nothing else nothing more. Well that is not at all how it happened at all. We both have relationships with her and spend alone time with her,then there is group time. My husband and I both care about this woman so much its crazy. I think that I am having issue's because of how fast this happened and its a whirlwind so to speak.

I am having a hard time not feeling like I have been pushed to the side sometimes. Even though this isnt the case. I think alot of times Im making myself feel this way. And i guess Im second guessing myself alot and I know that it is my mind playing tricks on me. I guess Im trying as hard as possible to express my feeling and doing a horrible job of it! Which sucks ! I am just wanting to know how some of you have had situation's like this or any advice how to overcome some of these obstacle and I know that its just the beginning and that we will figure out the dynamic ourselves. But sometimes its comforting to talk to others that have gone through some of the same things.

Thanks in advance
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