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Originally Posted by Thisguy View Post
This is my second attempt at making the poll. I realized the poll I made earlier wasn't done correctly. I was taking votes instead of asking the answer in the comments. So I'll post a few questions below and I'd appreciate it if you could answer them in comments below.

1. Male/Female/Intersex
2. Have you ever been involved in group sex?
3. How many people did you engage in group sex with? (Ex: 3,4,5...)
4. Did you participate in the act of sex or did you watch?
5. How many times have you participated in group sex?
6. Do you prefer 2 women or 2 men?
7. What is your sexual orientation? (Straight/Gay/etc.)
8. Are you in a relationship? (Married/BF,GF)
9. Does this hurt your relationship?
10. Is this what you prefer or are you making a sacrifice for you partner?

If you could just answer those questions in your comments I'd be very thankful.

And in the last thread I was asked about the background of this poll and here it is. I am a College college student. I am doing a presentation in my Sociology of Sexuality class on Group Sex. The goal of this poll is to understand who is involved in group sex and if it's healthy for a relationship. I chose this website because the poly community heavily participates in the act of group sex and I thought it was a good place to get some information.

Thank you for answering the questions.
That's better.

1) Male
2 thru 5) I have not. I might at some point. but not right now. Her husband might want to watch th 2 of us as some point. I've said no for now.
6) er.... Well the me and 2 girls thing is a nice thought. But i havn't got a spare girl handy at the moment. There might be the reverse with my girlfriend and her husband. Maybe.
7) Straight
8) yes. see 6
9) No idea
10) well. My girlfriend did day she had that fantasy. I'm not really opposed. Just not at the point in our relationship. Plus there are there the logistics involving babysitting.

Sorry, life doesn't fit little checkboxes so well.
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