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Originally Posted by ChloeJane View Post
Probably not as much as *I* feel for her, given that I love her, and hold her desires and happiness next to my heart every day
Very true! And I'm truly in love with only one girl.

I forgot to add the bit on safer sex. Right now it's more about pregnancy prevention than any real worry about disease. She has an IUD and I committed to condoms for the time being to be double-sure.

The reason I'm not particularly worried about disease right now is that despite the current arrangement there haven't been a large number of partners. My girl's only been with her husband before me, and she' the only one I've had full sex with her. (Close enough to the real thing with one lady about 8 years ago. Once.)

Still... the rubbers are a sound idea. Because getting her pregnant would be a major crisis for all of us. There just AREN'T the resources amongst us to support another child.... and... it would likely not have a happy ending. And that would be a heartbreak. Regardless of whodunit.

Also, I promised. Changing that deal would require a new talk... and its too way to early for that.
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