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Originally Posted by Thisguy View Post
The goal of this poll is to understand who is involved in group sex and if it's healthy for a relationship. I chose this website because the poly community heavily participates in the act of group sex...
Really? "Heavily participates?" What poly community is that??? LOL

Many, many, many poly people do NOT participate in group sex. Group sex is not a given for poly relationships, nor is sex in general always a dominant focus for poly people. It seems your poll is focused on sex, rather than relationships, and I think you may be surprised at how many poly people place more importance on relationships rather than sex, many of whom choose to have non-sexual romantic partners. You might benefit from doing some reading, online and in scholarly journals, to learn more about polyamory so you can devise a poll or questionnaire that makes more sense to any group of poly people (even your use of the term "the poly community" indicates that you have some notions that there is a unifying factor among all polyamorous people that would lump them all together as a community with the same or similar standards when the only thing poly people have in common with other poly people is that they are involved in or desire consensual multiple intimate relationships).

Your questions assume that anyone who answers about their participation in group sex has done so while in a relationship. What if I've only done it while single and not in any relationships, and now I'm poly and have not had group sex since embarking on poly relationships? Then I can't answer several of your questions. So, really, your questions are only directed at a subset of poly people who have had group sex while poly, and not just any poly people in general. Also, re: "Does this hurt your relationship?" and "Is this what you prefer or are you making a sacrifice for you partner?" does "this" refer to having group sex, and what do you mean by "hurt" and "making a sacrifice?" Not totally clear, but it seems your questions are structured from some assumptions you've already made. Is there a hypothesis you are testing?

If this is for a Sociology class on Sexuality, and your presentation will be on Group Sex, you may want to query some swingers. It seems that swingers have many agreed-upon and widely accepted standards for group sexual activities, perhaps more so than poly people would. Many poly people have multiple partners who don't even know each other, and wouldn't ever be sexual with each other. Whereas swingers are pursuing group sex as an activity, so your report would gain more cohesive information. Much more variables in poly configurations.
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