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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post

A couple of um,..questions.

'Prefer two men, or two women' How do bisexuals answer this ? How do pansexuals answer this ? How does anyone having more then a threesome answer this ?

Does this hurt your relationship? Does 'what' hurt the relationship ? and the definition of hurt is,....Jealousy ? A bad time ? Impotence ?

...'because the poly community heavily participates in the act of group sex ...' Really ? News to me. Drunk, horny college kids participating in group sex would match, I bet.
I meant more women vs more men. And you can have more than 2 women or men. Sorry for the confusion.

"Hurt" the relationship as in do you begin to have jealousy? Your love life isn't as romantic after the experience because you need to engage in group sex more often to be sexually satisfied.

Sorry if that offended you. I didn't mean it to offend you. I assumed (I know assuming is bad) having many relationships that they would intertwine and multiple couples would engage in group sex.
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