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Originally Posted by tigrrrlily View Post
jeez guys, i have to keep saying this on this forum? just coz its hot and a fling doesn't necessarily mean its just sex! it was, yes, brief, but with future potential.
Well I'm pretty sure the word "fling" automatically implies no future potential. I guess it's possible to not realize whether it's a fling or not until it's over, however.

While I do agree that a "fling" can be more than just sex, DADT-only-allowed-when-you're-out-of-town pretty much throws future potential out the window.

As for being a poly person in a relationship with a DADT policy, it's pretty much a personal choice. I know some poly people who won't touch DADT relationships. I know others who feel that honesty and disclosure is a personal responsibility and not their problem. I even know some poly people who take this a step further by knowingly dating people who are cheating on their spouses.

There really is no way to know whether your DADT boyfriend is actually cheating on his wife or telling the truth. This is one reason why some poly people just don't touch DADT, and often insist on meeting their metamours before letting any relationship get too serious.
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