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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
NRE sucks. No doubt about it. I wonder though if there is some resentment here on your part about the fact that he is male? Your "cockblock" statements make me think that there is a bit more going on here for you than you are letting on... is that so?
I think that is true, in that the fact that he is male makes the situation more uncomfortable for me. In other words, if it was one of her female friends taking her camping, going to concerts (in which I'm not allowed to go along). I'd feel less bitter about it.

The fact of the matter is, I certainly feel jealous that he gets some a sort of royal treatment when it comes to concerts / dates / camping etc. because of the NRE and the fact that somehow they "enjoy" those activity more than we (GF and I) would as a couple.

She has defended in the past that those concerts just happen to be their favorite bands, and that he's her "camping buddy". She said she'll find something that could be ours, like Jazz music (which is my favorite). I'm certainly still bitter that I'm somehow excluded from enjoying certain activity if I don't 1.) beat him to the punch in finding the concert or setting dates or 2.) activity he doesn't give a shit about, like Jazz concerts.

Totally sounds childish and ridiculous. These are instance where I just wish we could go back to being monogamous, where we can enjoy activity together as a couple, not fighting over finite amount of time / attention available.
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