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Default Guess I'm new at this

Hello, everyone! I've been kind of lurking a bit and thought that I ought to go ahead and introduce myself.

I am not even sure if I am poly myself, but I've just started a relationship with someone who is. I first met him in college over 15 years ago, when he was dating my roommate at the time. We lost touch at some point over the years, but reconnected last year, and discovered that we had feelings for each other all along. There were a few hiccups at first, but we seem to have a good thing going now. He's been married a few years, and his wife is also poly and has a boyfriend that she has this drama-filled on-again off-again relationship with. I'm perpetually single.

Mostly, I'm just trying to figure out how this whole thing works. I'm afraid that this is not the first married man I've ever seen, but this is the first married man I've ever seen who wasn't cheating, so I'm kind of in uncharted territory. I know how to be sneaky and steal time in bits and snatches and never discuss my sex life with even my closest friends. But this is something else entirely. I care about him a great deal, and I actually have to fight the urge to stop myself from feeling these things, because it's okay for me to feel them with him.

I don't mind sharing him at all - I need a lot of space anyway, and I'm used to being single. But dating him has opened my eyes to a lot of alternatives that I never even considered. Like, maybe I'm not so horrible at relationships. Maybe I can have one without ending the one that I'm in. Maybe there really is someone who can give me all the things I want in a relationship. Or maybe not. But at least the possibility is there. I like that.

Anyway, I'm glad that there is a community here and I'm enjoying reading through the threads.
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