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I think for us one of the complications is that we both have children and Pretty Lady will never be ready for their son to know about their extra marital relationships. Infact, up until a few years ago, they barely had time for an inter-marriage relationship. Their son was so attached at the hip to her that she and Wendigo had not been on a date since he was born and she absolutely refuses to have sex while he is home, so that meant they had to wait until he went to sleep at his grandparents or aunts and 90% of the time he'd chicken out. Now that he is a teenager and has started dating himself, he has stopped needing to know where his mom is at all times and that has allowed her to pursue our relationship. We're less concerned with Yoda finding out about our relationship, but it makes sense not to let him know as he looks up to their son and might let it slip. *shrugs* Really, it is all about going at Pretty Lady's pace because she has the least experience with multiple relationships.
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