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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
The big win in decriminalization is that it should significaltly reduce the utility of polyamory in custody cases. This of course is from a layman, so check with your local family lawyer before doing anything rash. The judgement after all isn't binding, but could have utility as part of case law.
As for co-parenting, it's unlikely. It again would not have the sanctioning event required in 1020-1022 above.
Well, it doesn`t affect me, as I`ll never be living in that manner, but even with the positives, this seems more of a sideways move to me. With the various provincial definitions of common-law, and the fact that 'community' attended parties get accused of all kinds. However, if those that live this way, feel better about it, then that`s good. They are the ones living it.
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