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Originally Posted by ChloeJane View Post
And trust me, I’ve got “other shit to do” too. (I’m not sure why I find that statement so intense, as I can see a smiley face afterwards – I guess I don’t take my husband’s bad behaviour as lightly). Having boundaries is a tiny part of a dynamic life, but it becomes a big part when they’re disrespected and violated. I don't have a lot of respect for deceit and selfishness in general.
This is directed to me I believe. I'm sorry, I was trying to be funny. I am just not where you are at, but on gathering further information I can respect that this runs a bit deeper than I understood at first glance. There is some history here that I was not aware of. I come from a place of having let go and trusting entirely because there are no issues. Any issues I had are my own not issues of my partner having deceived me. That is damaging and becomes an issue at the very foundation of a relationship. When I tried to maintain control over my relationships it was because of trust issues where I had no reason not to trust. I hope you see where the difference is here?
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