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Hi, there, some1sangel and Storm :-)
Am new here too, joined a few days ago. I had a triad dream once, but don't have it anymore. I'd rather see who comes my/ our way and deal with it then. :-)

I wanted to say something about a word the both of you use, and I think different about it, and wanted to comment on it.

You both say that you want/ have a triad where all involved are "mono to eachother". Mono is short for monogamous, right? Monogamous is a word that says you are involved with one-1- person, mono, and married to this one.
I interpreted your use as if you ment mono= "faithful". Is that correct, or am I waaaay out here? :-)

Monogamous people aren't necessarily faithful more than any other person in any constellation, right?
Polyfidelity is a word that implies that the people involved in a group are faithful to eachother and have no relations outside the triad og quad or whatever the constellation.

I wish the both of you all the best on your journey and hope to have good conversations in times to come.
hugs from Humble Bee.
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