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Hey i'm Laluna, I live in Queensland, Australia and am 20 years old.

I've spent the last 3 years in a monogomous relationship, this is the first serious relationship i've been in. We have a 5 yr old daughter, the sunshine of my life. She is techniqually my step daughter, but has no other woman in her life, and i've been living with her since she was two. So we have definately claimed each other as mother and daughter.

I am the oldest of four children and come from a rather unstable/abusive family. I feel an incrediable amount of responsibility toward my younger siblings 11, 15 and 19. I have done everything i can to impove their situation and have had the 15yr old spending 2-5 days a week with me for about 2 years. I wish that i could save them, this has been a ceaseless battle on my behalf, but there seems to be nothing more i can do but pick up the pieces. I loath having no controle, will always be there for them, but my parents drive me insane!

I have been studying ceramic art for the past two years, focusing on figurative sculpture with porcelain. I am extreamly passionate about what i do and believe i need to take a bit of time to myself to purse this. I need to prove to my self i can be an independant person and hunger for my freedom. I want to come to better understand myself and the essance of love.

Whilst being in a monogomous relationship i have had feelings for other people throughout our relationship. I was open about polyamory before we got together, but my partner couldn't accept this and i caved in to his side of seeing things for awhile. this has always left me feeling guilty and confussed, as a practacing monogomous it seemed a betrayal to have thoughts of other people.

My partner and i are now in the process of ending/changing our relationship, the parametres of this change are as of yet undefined. Techniqually we have broken up, but we love each other and are very close, more open with each other than we have been previously and we're living thouroughly in the moment. we're moving apart in two weeks, so time will tell. i am confident that we will always be in each others lives, as we do have a child together, and he seems to be more open minded at the possibility of a poly relationship, but this is as of yet untested.

I'm moving interstate to continue my studies. I haven't recieved my offers yet so at the moment i'm looking at NSW or SA. road trip! this is very exciting for me as i've lived in the same region all my life and rarely left the state. i can't wait to stretch my wings alittle and see what the future brings.
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