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I still can't watch the first half of the first episode, and a chunk of the episode where he finds Lori and recounts his story. Hits too close to home for me, I spent 10 days in a coma in early 2010, and what that does to your memory and perceptions of reality is not nice (I have clear recollections of events after I came out of the coma, and my family recalls the conversations and events, just not anything like the location I clearly recall it happening in).

About the current season, I was suspicious of the barn early on, but then my wife and I decided the reason we had not seen any cows out in the pastures was that they cut them due to cost saving measures.

And I am always surprised at how someone as obnoxious as Daryl can end up being such a likable character, the fact that they give him some of the best lines helps. I also think that Daryl is right that Sophia survived at least the first few days.

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