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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
. I mean, what two friends do you have that you felt exactly the same way about from the beginning? What two loves in your life developed in exactly the same way at exactly the same time?
i completely agree, no relationship is not going to be the exact same jsut as no relationship is going to be the exact same, it would be so very weird for me if it was because they are two different people and thats what i love about them.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
. you should do more separate dates as twosomes and just hang together more casually as friends when it's all three of you.
i actually did suggest seperate dates with each of them after this issue was raised last year, in my opinion that actually worked well. when we are out together all three we are out as friends, this is in part to the professional life aspect for them

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
. Forget what your friends think. Just tell them "Yes, we each have different relationships that look different because we're different people, that doesn't mean we don't all care about each other.".
this is EXACTLY what i think, when its their relationship and life they can have a say. the only time an opinion will matter is if it could have negative impact on my professional life or on one of theirs (thus discretion in public)

while B and i have similarities i am very different than both of them, in some life experiences and especially in some of my thinking. in a way i think its my very funtastic punk rock self (and old skewl punk not this new crap they try calling punk. i have always been an individual and not cared of what others think if i know its not important because no one shapes me BUT me!)
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