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So I actually had F tell me I ask for sex too much. That was a hurtful conversation. He said it felt like our relationship was all about sex.

Which its not, and I did ask for sex about 10 hours after the last time, but I didnt push the issue at all.

I dont know how to handle this. Im more aggressive than he about sex and Im apparently have a larger appetite. I dont want or need to have any other lovers, but my gf and I dont get much time together.

I thought we were more in sync bc in the beginning, we had sex every day.

Im sad and confused. I cant help but think he wants her and not me even though i know thats not true, I mean he finally moved most of the rest of his stuff.

I love him, and he knows it really upset me, but he had plans tonight so we have to put off talking about it. Its probably better for me to talk to a few friends about it first anyway.

Im afraid more that hes pulling away because of Johns immanent arrival and the fact that lately his relationships havent lasted any longer than weve been together

I need to feel secure, and he seems to be pulling back. i know hes scared, i am too, but i think its worth it and he says he does too.
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