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Default relief

I have to say, it's such a relief to hear this explained. I was really upset when I first read it because of how very negative it is regarding multiple partner relationships. For example,

" As for polyamory, only vague definitions have been offered as to what the term means, and none is capable of supporting any practical distinction between harmful polygamy and supposedly benign polyamory. Moreover, given that polyamory necessarily entails an increase in the number of non-related cohabitants, there is no reason to expect that the predicted increase in associated harms would apply with any less rigour than in the context of religiously motivated polygamy."

So Anyway that definitely made me unhappy to see, especially since my partner and I are hoping and dreaming of one day having a m-f-f-f polyamorous relationship which would very much have family life and caring for one another as a family and as equals at its core, aka, we really want lots of children; we'd love to adopt a couple children as well as have our own, as well as be foster parents. We're just very domestic people, it's not a religious orientation, just our way of caring for the future generations, I guess.

It seems this legislation is very anti multiple conjugal partners, but I guess reading this has made me realise that as bizarre as it sounds, it seems like multiple co HABITATING partners is not seen in the same in the eyes of the law as multiple CONJUGAL partners...

Anyway, I expect this ruling to be challenged.

In the meantime, it made me think about the necessity of having a better survey out there for who's all been in a COHABITATING polyamorous relationship, since this ruling was veryclear that sex with multiple partners was NOT illegal, nor was sex with someone else while you're married, etc. The interest would be to see who is involved in polyamory in a numbers way. I have a number of contacts that could get such a survey rolling on a national scale.... anyone interested in this?
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