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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
The only boundary that you've laid out that I think might be problematic is the pda thing. Perhaps it won't be a big deal, but I know that little acts of pda make me feel very connected to my partner and I wouldn't want to give them up. Are you afraid people you mutually know will see them together and get the wrong idea?
People knowing is actually least of my concern. I think right now I'm processing so much emotions that dealing with this one additional sort of minor details just doesn't seem productive. Eventually I can probably shed this rule off, but I guess it's my way of just not dealing with it right now.

I suppose it's also the evil social conditioning thing again, that somehow I feel like I "earned" my status to enjoy these social comforts and he kind of just swooped in and is pretending to be her boyfriend. I don't know, it's annoying to think about.
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